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You're probably thinking why Really Rick? Here’s the story:

On a beautiful New Years Eve night, we were deep in a conversation about what we do best – men. Then BAM! Fireworks start lighting off, and not in the sky…but on the ground. We look over at our friend Rick, who had accidentally set them off, and simultaneously say to each other, "Really Rick?". We began laughing hysterically and started formulating hundreds of alliterations for our ex-lovers.

As we sat there shooting the shit and developing ex-lover alliterations, we began to realize that we have so many stories and know so many people that we had to start sharing these hilariously relatable experiences with the world. So without further ado, we introduce to you, Really Rick.

We are here to share our own experiences in relationships with hopes that you find comfort in knowing that you’re not alone in this crazy dating world! As we share our stories, we would love to hear yours so that we can all learn & grow together in a fun & open-minded environment!


Britta & Jenny